I am a writer, project manager, and general creative person. I'm involved with a variety of projects--from helping human rights organizations tell their stories to working with artists and small businesses to develop their websites and market their products.


Another Look - Professional photography and storytelling services for nonprofits and service providers.

Another Look provides professional photography and storytelling services to nonprofits and direct service providers. I am the co-founder, writer, and outreach director. In 2015 we worked with 10 organizations, including Mercy Corps Northwest, Free Geek computer recycling, a food bank, a reading program for underserved elementary students, and a prison reentry program. Our work has been used in nonprofits' annual reports, in fundraising and volunteer recruitment campaigns, on local TV, and more. 


Images from the venue floors, stages, and after parties from London's 00's Indie Music Scene.  I helped curate this photography collection, design the website, and manage the gallery for photographer Gregory Nolan

The Arithmetic of Compassion 

Katie Dwyer - Website design Arithmetic of Compassion

The Arithmetic of Compassion is a website to curate research in psychology, the social sciences, and the humanities which examines human failures of compassion and limitations to action in the face of genocide or other mass atrocities. 

Gregory Nolan Photography

Katie Dwyer Gregory Nolan Photography

I am the writer and content manager for Gregory Nolan’s website, blog, email list, and prints store. I worked with him to develop his photo collections (music, travel, and short-time-only), and to craft a narrative around his work, artistic vision, and photo prints. I’ve also created the website for his newest project, Better Than Bad Studios, a content creation group working in Esports and gaming.

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ)

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ), is a coalition of individuals, faith leaders and diverse faith communities called by our conscience to respond actively and publicly to the suffering of our immigrant brothers and sisters in the U.S. I led a full website overhaul, including new organization, content, extensive resource pages, and improved user interface. 


Response Magazine Katie Dwyer

I have published three articles with Response Magazine, including “Ministries of Accompaniment” (April 2012), “The East Belfast Mission” (October 2013), and “Wesley Centers: Home for Faith and Justice” (September 2013). Additionally, I supplied the cover photo of the April 2012 issue, depicting a Honduran woman who was part of an activist caravan searching for missing migrants who had disappeared on the journey to the United States. 


The Oxford Consortium for Human Rights hosts teaching and research workshops on human rights, global conflict, humanitarian aid and peace building, aimed at understanding and developing constructive solutions to the problems of today. I serve as program assistant, website manager, student group coordinator, and work in program development. I delivered two lectures for the 2016 summer seminar on the topic of conflict in Northern Ireland. 

UO Prison Education Program

University of Oregon Prison Education Program

The University of Oregon's Prison Education Program seeks to expand educational opportunities within Oregon's prisons. We provide for-credit classes, academic workshops, youth outreach, and more. I am the Program Coordinator, as well as the website designer. 

Unmade in Ireland

"All music starts somewhere." With candid photos and articles based on interviews with the artists, this project sets out to document Irish musicians in their homes, at their "day jobs," rehearsing, and performing. This project documents the hard work and drive of aspiring musicians across Ireland's genres and geography. Please check us out at UnmadeInIreland.com

USC Levan Institute for Ethics and the Humanities 

The Levan Institute at USC encourages multidisciplinary dialogue around critical ethical questions in today's society. I served as a content consultant for the website's redesign, as well as providing SEO and analytics evaluation. 


Katie Dwyer - website design

Lived experiences of women around the world. This project seeks to record and document women's diverse experiences of war, religion, education, migration, and more through student and academic interviews. I created the initial website design and design outline for future content development.  

NOHO:CreativE Knowhow


Noho is a multimedia production company based in Dublin, Ireland that works with a wide array of sectors--TV/film, commercial, and cultural heritage--to create engaging and exciting audiovisual content. My primary work with Noho was as a writer and researcher, as well as running their company blog and social media. My flagship project was writing scripts for Dublinia, the Viking and Medieval Dublin Museum, about the Battle of Clontarf. You can learn more about Noho at Noho.ie


The modern workforce is changing. People are demanding worklives that are actually enriching, not depleting. Megan Leatherman is a career coach in Portland, Oregon. I helped her rewrite her website content and re-envision her online presence to better convey her compassion, energy, and passion for this work. 

Bastille: The Bad Blood Tour Photography book

I wrote, edited, and project managed this stunning art photography book for Grammy-nominated band BASTILLE. This project draws on Gregory Nolan's photography from backstage, travel, and live performances--the miles and milestones of BASTILLE's journey so far. I selected the photos; interviewed  the band for text; marketed the book; and liaised between the management, label, designers, printers, and the band.

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Inside-Out is a national educational program that brings college courses—and college students—into prisons for discussion-based classes in a collaborative and inclusive environment. I participated first as a student and then as a co-facilitator in literature, sociology, and geography courses. I also served on the Inside-Out National Steering Committee; co-edited a student literary publication; co-founded a post-release discussion group and a “book club” at a juvenile detention facility; co-founded the University of Oregon’s student alumni group; and served as a founding member of the Think Tank at Oregon State Penitentiary. I was featured in documentary project “Inside Looking Out” and in Oregon Quarterly article “Building Inside-Out.” I am the Program Coordinator for the UO's Prison Education Program

Brazil Business Reports-Education Reports

In this freelance writing role, I work with Brazil Business Reports as they market colleges, universities, and boarding schools around the world to a Brazilian student audience. Available both in print and online (in English and in Brazilian Portuguese), the BBR Education Reports are read by thousands of Brazilian students, academics, and administrators every week. 

Lost Lives

Lost Lives Katie Dwyer research

In my role as research assistant for an upcoming re-release of Lost Lives, I supported the authors' efforts to bring additional information and humanization of individuals who lost their lives because of the Troubles in Northern Ireleand.  Specifically, I worked with BBC editor Seamus Kelters to add depth to the narratives of the lives and histories of the British soldiers killed as a result of the Troubles.  


Sharing stories of life after prison. I am currently working with the Mercy Corps Reentry Transition Center on an audio project recording and sharing their clients’ experiences as they reenter the community after serving time in prison. The Mercy Corps office will use these stories in outreach and fundraising efforts in support of people as they seek to begin their lives again. You can listen to the first four interviews here

My College Advice

What does it take to excel in college? I built this blog to offer advice on student life, studying, internships, research, studying abroad, writing a thesis, and making the most out of a college experience. I share personal stories from my student experiences, including my year as a Mitchell Scholar studying human rights law in Ireland and Northern Ireland. To read more, check out MyCollegeAdvice.org