Creating on Command: Writing from the 9-5

When I'm working at my best, I create in quick, hyper-productive bursts. I spend a lot of non-working time mulling work projects over in my mind. 

This style doesn't translate well into most office settings. 

Writing professionally has come with varying degrees of success and angst. Particularly when I’m working on someone else’s project, it’s been a constant battle to find what works best for me—what will allow me to be an effective and professional creative while maintaining my sanity. A considerable part of this journey has been working through the difference between freelance writing for work from home (which I am now) versus being a member of a company working in an office.

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Telling Your Story

It can be hard to tell your own story.

I’ve been writing in multiple venues for years, in addition to helping others write for their websites and blogs. There often comes a point when writing, particularly when it’s about yourself, can start to feel like a burden. The effort of choosing a story to tell and then actually getting it down on the page gets too overwhelming or exhausting to even begin.

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